Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator Training (P/EVO):

The training standards for P/EVO certification and the Evergreen Safety Council program comply with guidelines established by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the Washington State Patrol (WSP). The training focuses on state regulations, procedures, safety practices, and operator responsibilities.

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Certified Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operator

An oversize load requires a good escort for the safety and wellbeing of everyone concerned. As a pilot car driver you will be a very important part of a team that assists in transporting an oversized load from pick-up to delivery. It can be very challenging but very rewarding in knowing that the safety of the truck, cargo, and general public are your responsibility. As an pilot car driver, the carrier relies on you to provide safe movement of each load to include; safe lane changes, negotiate winding curves, tight bridges and helping to navigate with other vehicles on the road.


• You must be 18 years old.

• You must valid driver’s license from any of the 50 U.S. states.

• You must be able to read and speak English.

• You must be able to perform flagging duties and traffic control.

• You must be drug and alcohol free when performing P/E vehicle duties.

• You must carry minimum liability insurance as required by Washington State.



To Receive Certification the candidate is required to:

• Complete a one-day (approximately eight hours) training course

• Complete an open-book examination and achieve a minimum score of 80%.

A successful candidate will receive a WSDOT P/EVO certification card that is valid for three years. The certification card may have a passport-size picture attached and can be laminated.

Types of Pilot Car Escorts:

• Front escort. Your vehicle's front bumper must be installed with a height pole that is as tall as the load of the truck you are escorting. Your responsibility is to check out for roads that the truck cannot pass through. For instance, if the pole hits an underpass, you will immediately call the truck driver to inform him that the truck load is too tall for the truck to pass that certain road.

• Front escort without height pole. If you are this kind of escort, your main responsibility is to warn every oncoming driver about the oversized load following you. You also check and relay road hazards such as rocks, dead animals, big trucks coming up, narrow bridges, and the like.

• Rear escort. You are expected to oversee everything from behind such as the condition of the tires, the position of the load, and other vehicles that are geared to pass the truck.


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About P/EVOs

Throughout the United States, Oversized Loads are being moved over the interstate highway system. With an increasing number of oversized Loads comes an increased requirement for skilled Pilot/Escort Vehicle Operators (P/EVO) who are knowledgeable of the highway system, it’s hazards and its restrictions. These P/EVOs are the eyes and ears of the permitted vehicle drivers that must maneuver the Oversized Loads in a safe manner.  They also protect the motoring public and give adequate warning when the Oversized Load may be obstructing the lane of travel.

As a certified P/EVO you can take pride in the knowledge that you have received formal training certified to guide Oversized Loads over our highways. Your training, effort and skill will protect the lives and property of the people traveling our highways.


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